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Prominent Vinyl Decals In SLC

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Stickerfund is based in Salt Lake City (SLC), UT. Salt lake has come to be known for a few things – family focused communities, outdoor sports, University of Utah college football, and more recently as a growing hub for tech companies (and start-ups generally).

The local prominence of each of these spheres can be readily observed via many channels- clothing logos, billboard ads, commercials, simply people watching, and even in the form of vinyl decals. In this post we highlight some of the most common ones that we see- as well as provide a little background on what exactly they represent.


The Ragnar race series owes its name to the 9th century Norse Viking. This is clearly a tough guy thing- about conquering stuff, pushing limits, and intense competition. The Ragnar series has been around since 2004, and is likely one of the toughest relay-race anywhere. Teams run roughly 200 miles, non-stop, through the night, each team member responsible for running their specific “legs” while everyone else cheers them on.

Vinyl decals are given to race participants for display on their vehicles or personal belonging to showcase their individual accomplishment, toughness, as well as provide smart/cheap marketing for the Ragnar organization.


Another Utah based company, Vivint has its roots in home security/alarm systems. Through a myriad of expansions and acquisitions, the company has become a home technology powerhouse – offering solar/energy management, home automation, local cloud storage, high-speed internet, and of course, home security.

The hallmark of Vivint is young, handsome, college-aged guys going door to door selling these various services. The organization has done a great job of building a brand, as well as an intense culture of achievement, energy, and excitement.

Vivint vehicles are just as recognizable as their door-to-door salesmen. Orange vehicles are strategically covered with white vinyl renditions of the company name, slogans, and contact information.

Stick Figure Family

The stick figure family decal fad is claimed by Woodland Manufacturing’s FamilyStickers.com. An Idaho based company, they gleaned the idea from a local arts show, starting production of a wide assortment, and began selling the decals through big box stores like Bed, Bath, and Beyond.

No longer the only main-stream producer, there must now be tens or hundreds of vinyl shops producing their own family decal sets – including add-ons like pets, sports props, hipster motifs, zombie motifs, etc.

On any given highway in the Salt Lake Valley, at any time of day, variations of these stick figure decals can be spotted on 9 out of 10 minivans, and 8 out of 10 suvs – or at least to those that are not fans it feels that way.

Drum & Feathers

The University of Utah has a strong football program. Ask any true Ute football fan! In 2005, Utah won the prestigious Fiesta Bowl, ranking #4 in the AP Poll. In  2009 they won the equally prestigious Sugar Bowl, ranking #2 in the AP Poll. In the first case, the Utes made history by being the first non-BCS team to be invited to a BCS Championship Bowl. In the second, the Utes made history again as the first non-BCS team to be invited back a second time to a BCS Championship Bowl.

Regardless of your taste for sports- one cannot help noticing the masses of “U” decals stuck to the back of car windows, laptops, waterbottles, and just about every other surface ported about by university students and the general fan base of the university.

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