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Pro Cut Vinyl: Small Business Advertising

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Pro cut vinyl decals are becoming a standard advertising tool for businesses. This is because of multiple factors- including their reach, flexibility, visibility, relatively low cost, and “ethos”.

These are potentially a great tool for any business- but especially for the genres of small businesses, start ups, and emerging businesses. With these in mind, let’s take a moment and explore the above mentioned influential factors.


Pro Cut Vinyl Low Cost:

Perhaps more than any other factor- low cost is king! Pro cut vinyl decals are just that- thin sheets of vinyl, with a sticky backing, that are then cut to size/design. They just aren’t that expensive! This is especially true when you order a high volume of them- where you can get the price down significantly to under the dollar per decal mark (depending on the supplier you work with).

These inexpensive pieces of vinyl serve as the ideal vehicle for a “grass roots”, or “shoe string budget” advertising campaign. Compare the bang for buck of these with expensive billboard space, radio ads, tv ads, and print ads that are being seen by a smaller and smaller audience.



This brings us to the next point- customer reach. Vinyl decals provide excellent reach because they are (1) typically applied permanently, and (2) applied to mobile objects that people take with them everywhere- i.e. car and truck windows, water bottles, smart phones &tablets, laptops, etc.

This is quite unique if you think about it. Think about it this way- people don’t take tape their favorite magazine ads to their rear window. Nor do they take their mag with them everywhere they go- or at least not long term. Billboards stay in the same place. And Radio ads only work if people are listening to that channel- if they listen to regular ad-ridden radio anyway.



Flexibility is a unique benefit of pro cut vinyl as well. They are equally well suited to being applied to one hard surface as another (such as those listed above)- even those submerged in water.

Furthermore, since we are talking about blank sheets of cut vinyl- we have flexibility in design. One design is probably not more expensive than another. You can go with a single logo, a logo + website address, a slogan, etc.

Additionally, unlike a billboard ad or tv commercial, vinyl has low front-end design time/cost/effort, and so there is much more flexibility to make changes beyond the initial design. At any point you can pause production to make a design adjustment, change completely, or switch between multiple designs from one time frame to the next- and keep printing. Likewise, you can run a simultaneous mix of each at the same time.



Think about advertising in general- the highest and most sought after form of company advertising is “word of mouth”. This is because of the inherent trust we as people have in first hand recommendations from our peers. Top marketing campaigns are often aimed primarily at trying to create this phenomenon.

Now think about pro cut vinyl decals. They are inherently associated with people (after all, it is their personal stuff, that they take with them, that they stick them to). This means that when potential customers see your company’s logo or slogan, they also see it with their friend “joe”, which in turn labels him as a supporter of your company, which in turn lends credibility making them more likely to check out your organization as well.


For these reasons (1) Low Cost, (2) Reach, (3) Flexibility, and (4) Ethos – pro cut vinyl holds tremendous “bang for buck” for small businesses looking to grow market awareness, consumer trust, and brand culture.
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