Create your own decals using our simple online tool


1. Decal Design Upload:

Upload the desired image to our online tool to create your own decals- whether it be a logo, symbol, set of text, or combination of some or all of these elements.

*Make sure your design is in high resolution.

*Make sure you upload includes ONLY design elements you want turned into a decal (no background images, clutter, stray lines, etc)

*We accept files in the following formats- .SVG, .PDF, .TIFF, .PSD, .EPS, .AI, .JPG.

*Make sure your decal’s design elements are large enough to stick to the intended surface- we recommend all text be at least 1cm (.4in) in height and a width of at least .25cm (.1in). 


2. Dimensions

Option 1 – Length (in.): Please provide us with the exact length that you would like your custom vinyl decal to be.


Option 2 – Width (in.): Please give us the exact desired width (or height).

*If you choose to start with length – width will automatically update to maintain scale.

*If you choose to start with width – length will automatically scale to maintain proportionality..

*Size will influence the price of your order- the bigger the square inches, the higher the cost per decal.

*Please see “Special Orders” below for extra large sizes (i.e. larger than the tool will accept).


3. Color

Choose from over 50 colors for your custom vinyl stickers.

*Color choice does not influence the price of your order

*Please see “Special Orders” below for multi-color designs..


4. Quantity

Please select the number of vinyl stickers you would like to order.

*This will influence the price of your order- the higher the quantity, the lower the cost per decal.

*Please see “Special Orders” below for extra large orders (i.e. larger than the tool will accept).


5. Create Your Own Decals

Voila! You’re done – go ahead and proceed to check out.


*Special Orders

If your decal order requires a special size, quantity, color, or multi-color, please message us here. We will be in touch shortly!


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